Business English Club

Business English Club

THE ADDRESS Business English Club is an after work sessions exclusively tailored for professionals.

✅ Objective

Our focus is to improve your english capacity under 4 key pillars:

1. Conversation

2. Business pitch and Presentation

3. Sales and Negotiation

4. Interview

All while having an opportunity to network with fellow members and expand your horizons.

✅ Our approach

This is not a classroom system. It is rather a meetup of club members where we are actively involved in all activities and exercices in support of creating real value.

We relay on the power of practice and believe in the saying practice makes perfect.

✅ Activities

Business case studies , presentation, debate, mock interview, negotiation simulation, TV projection (Shows, Interview, Documentary), book discussion.

✅ Required English Level : Intermediary level (oral assessment)

✅ Frequency and time - Once per week / 2.5 hours session

✅ Club Membership

- Free for full time The Address Coworking memebers

- 2000 DA per month (3 months membership minimum)

Nous contacter

LANA Formation

Adresse 1: Centre Commercial Mohammedia,4e étage, bureau 1163, Alger

Adresse 2: rue 36 sidi yahia, Hydra 4éme lot, 1er étage, Alger

Tél: +213 (0) 23 80 41 04
+213 (0) 555 47 90 78